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You must be are tired of getting stuck in the traffic on the way to your office or school. Or you probably do not want to walk the long distance. Well, you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of people are already looking for practical solutions in rideable technology right now to get rid of the same situation. And one solution lies in electric skateboards. It is no surprise to see a steady rise in the popularity and demand for these skateboards powered by electric motors.

A revolution in personal transportation devices
Electric Skateboards sale has grown phenomenally over the past few years. They were first introduced in 1997 in California. However, it is only in the last couple of years that one sees the technology behind those skateboards evolving at a fast pace. Today they come in so many different shapes, forms, and capabilities. No longer are they limited in range or due to insufficient torque. The electric skateboards have become much smaller in size, a lot lighter in weight and much more powerful than before.

Whether one is looking for an affordable and reliable mean to commute to work or are a professional skater looking for new technologies, the choices are indeed endless. In fact, the Skateboards are only getting
more advanced and crazier with each passing year.

Why should you get an Electric Skateboard?
An electric skateboard is sure to be a great investment. Whether you are someone looking for a fun outdoor activity or you are looking for a reliable and hassle-free way to commute a long distance, the electric skateboard is the right solution for you.

One of the primary benefits of buying an electric skateboard is that it is easy to use as well as operate and you don’t have to push yourself. Now you can easily travel a long distance or go uphill without exerting any force or effort on your end. It is indeed an excellent investment for those living in congested cities with lots of traffic. Another benefit is the better and complete control you enjoy over the electric vehicle. You can use it as a conventional skateboard by simply disabling the motor. Some boards will charge the battery as you push. However, now you don’t have to get anxious about the traffic on the roads or the long distances to travel or worry about fuel recharges. All you need is a good sense of balance and coordination, and you are all set to go.

What to look for in an Electric Skateboard?
While you have made a smart decision to buy an electric skateboard, there are some aspects that should be kept in mind. After all, you should try to get the best available product possible to enjoy a great experience. Take a look at the following tips –
Look at the range of the skateboard that you would be expecting. Perhaps you are buying it for fun or are looking for a serious commuter to work or are looking for a casual ride to the grocery store or just getting around on the weekends. You should be able to arrive at your destination comfortably and without worrying.

The weight and size are other aspects that you should be careful about. Buying a heavy and bulky skateboard would only end up as an annoying experience. The electric skateboard should be lightweight and easy to carry and handle.

Check out the performance as no two makes and models offer the same experience. There are boards that are easy and a pleasure to ride. Pay attention to the wheels and trucks and the quality of the longboard.

Look at the warranty on spare parts and the customer support provided. The parts and accessories should be easily available, and the customer support should never be an issue.

Every electric skateboard comes with a price and a different one. A lot relies on your preferences and budget. For example, the lithium batteries are a lot more expensive than the lead acid ones. The thumb rule is that you pay more for superior quality. Read reviews and research before you make the final decision.

Read the whole story behind the listed power numbers as a lot more goes into building a superb performance. Just reading the motor wattage is not enough as you need to get info on motor controller parameters and gear ratios. Torque and speed control the performance.

This or that?

Single or double motor
When shopping for electric skateboards, you will come across the option of one motor and dual motor. While both are good and carry benefits, the recent technology elicits better performance from two motors. However, one can get impressive performance from a single motor too as the key lies in the design of the whole system.

Hub Motors or Gear Motor System
Hub motors work without acceleration, and you would need Gear Motor System for hill climbing. Moreover, one gets more braking power with the geared/pulley system.

Thumb or Trigger Remote Control
While your thumb or index finger is the most instinctive way to feel and control anything, the Trigger Remote Control is a lot more comfortable and convenient. Thus, one can control their electric skateboard more comfortably with the Trigger Remote Control.

Li-ion batteries or lithium batteries
The electric skateboards run on a wide range of batteries which are usually rechargeable. The older boards ran on lead-acid batteries while the attest ones use Li-ion batteries. The advantage of Li-ion batteries is that they are superior, have shorter charging time and longer life.

For those planning to fly with their electric skateboards must ensure that their skateboards are TSA compliant and fulfil the requirements. For example, the battery watt-hour should be less than or equal to 100Wh and must be tested to UN38.3 standard. You might face issues if your electric skateboard does not fulfil the requirement.

Although electric skateboards have been there for a long time now, they have only recently revolutionised the rideable technology. Look for the best product and always shop from a reliable and reputed manufacturer to get the best value out of your money.

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