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Description of SK-E1
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SK-E1 is an awesome entry-level electric fishboard. As a first or last mile solution it can be combined perfectly with the bus, train or plane and thus contribute to a clean future urban mobility.
Easier for daily commute.
To carry on train,plane……to anywhere

Decent-performance in-wheel brushless motor with hall sensors Giving effective output of 360W.

With reduced tension in the wheels,this board function as normal longboard when off or out of battery.

Thoughtful design, make it possible and easy to replace the tire,while most hub motors in the market are disposable.

Integrated Led tail lights,good for the night riders! 


You can turn them on or off by remote,whenever you want.

Original LG 18650 Lithium,


Space aluminum case with USB jack,

Can be used as a huge power bank.

Five lights to show current battery level.

Buy an extra battery pack to make the range infinite.

Leave your e-board in the car, charge the battery pack wherever.

We have the right charger for every country.

Bluetooth wireless remote.

Modular Design,Easy to maintain product.

Do you have dual hub motors version?  Yes!

Add a headlight? Yes!
Contact us for more OEM service.
Packaging Info


A complete SK-E1 with battery,remote controller,T-tools,Charger,User Guide.

OUTER CARTON:840*355*200mm


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