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Description of SK-E2D

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Built from the stiff wood grain of the Canadian Maple tree vibration absorbing stocks, the SK-E2’s deck perfects the balance of durability and rideability.

New Dual HUB System makes no excuses when it come to performance.

With reduced tension in the wheels,this board function as normal longboard when off or out of battery.

Thoughtful design, make it possible and easy

 to replace the tire.

   Most hub motors in the market are disposable.

Original LG 18650 Lithium,


Space aluminum case with USB jack,

Can be used as a huge power bank.

Five lights to show current battery level.


Our built-in LED lights make our riders highly visible to traffic, pedestrians, and even at night! Safety is our top priority, and the I-Wonder SK-E2 has got you covered!

Coolest electric skateboard ever!

Integrated front,tail,side lights,good for the night riders! 

High Powered LED’s make for the brightest cruising experience.

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